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Better Way Anaheim PRAYER TEAM (add me to the list)


6 have signed up & 44 openings remain.

Project Leaders:

Nathan Zug

  • Signing up for this opportunity will add you to the PRAYER TEAM list for Better Way Anaheim. We are looking for INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS AND FAITH COMMUNITIES TO PRAY FOR THE PROGRAM. You will be emailed a specific list each month. PLEASE PRAY FOR:


1.  The people in Anaheim who are homeless. Pray for God's favor to provide a way for them off the street. Pray for healing and restoration if they are sick, mentally ill, disabled, disadvantaged, addicted to substances, suffering, injured, or in need of resources. Pray that God would miraculously deliver the homeless of Anaheim and give Favor to those assisting them.

2. The City Of Anaheim's Leadership who make decisions on caring for the city, including the Homeless Neighbors. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and understanding for them.

3. The Anaheim Homeless Collaborative and its over 100 organizations who are assisting those who are homeless. Pray for resources, strength, wisdom, compassion, and patience. 

4. Our Anaheim Police Officers, Anaheim Fire Fighters and other first responders as they care for and protect our Homeless Neighbors, and guide them to their next steps.

5. The Better Way Anaheim programs both 1.0 and 2.0 as they serve the Homeless Neighbors connecting them to resources, services and opportunities.

6. The Better Way Anaheim Staff Leaders, volunteers,  and all those supporting the program

7. Each Homeless Neighbor who participates in Better Way Anaheim that they will be encouraged, supported and connected to their next step(s) so that they will no longer be homeless.

8. All of the Service Providers and organizations who will be connected to Better Way Anaheim - pray for God's wisdom, resources and Favor for them.

9. Peace, stability, restoration and unity in and among the entire City of Anaheim, beginning with all of our Leaders. 



You will receive an email each month.


Better Way Anaheim is a City Of Anaheim and Love Anaheim Partnership that will conduct up to 2 weekly community service outings of up to five hours each for Homeless individuals. Participants will serve to clean up parks, paint trash cans or fire hydrants and work on other community projects.

   Those taking part in Better Way Anaheim will work as volunteers and be provided food and gift cards worth $60 for each day of service. They’ will also have access to the Anaheim Homeless Collaborative with referrals to housing, healthcare, social services benefits, employment and other services designed to help Homeless individuals to their next step and towards ending their homelessness.

Participants will be referred through the Anaheim Homeless Collaborative or through various service providers. Those interested are encouraged to sign up and they will be contacted once they are signed up. Pick up location will be communicated to participants once they are signed up. 

  • Each volunteer serve day will include:
  • 1. 9 am - 2 pm or 10 am - 3 pm time frame
  • 2. a 15-20 minute orientation:
  •    +Introductions to Driver and Helper (Captain)
  •    +Waiver signing
  •    +Repeating the Love Anaheim Pledge 
  •    +A brief overview of the day layout including guidelines
  •    +Overview of project(s) being done
  •    +Restroom protocol / arrangements
  • 3. a 5-10 minute break every hour
  • 4. a 45-60 minute lunch provided by Faith Based Group, Business, etc, including interaction time with those 
  •      providing lunch.
  • 5. a 15 minute de-brief at days end which will include resource lists of additional services provided by the
  •     Anaheim Homeless Collaborative Network
  • 6. Receipt of $60 gift card pack

For more information regarding this program please email betterwayanaheim@gmail.com or visit BWA


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