Better Way In Your City

BRING BETTER WAY TO YOUR CITY by considering the following Homeless Help Toolbox items:

  1. 1. A willing and able faith based organization or non-profit to establish and lead BETTER WAY by initially partnering with Love Anaheim to plan and launch BETTER WAY. We would assist you in consulting with the appropriate people in your city to help plan, organize and launch the program. 
  2. 2. A connection to a "Homeless Collaborative"  - a group of organizations who all work together to assist homeless individuals and famileis exit the street. The Homeless Collaborative will help find "willing, able, and likely to succeed" homeless individuals who can participate in BETTER WAY.  Your City may already have a Homeless Collaborative, Homeless Working Group or something similar. If you don't have a Homeless Collaborative, we would be willing to help you start one.
  3. 3. Connections to a business, group of businesses (Chamber of Commerce) or other groups who are willing to provide funding. City funding may also be an option.
  4. 4. The BETTER WAY robust website tool that will organize, promote and manage the program. It is available for a minimal yearly cost. Please contact us for website information and cost. 
  5. 5. List of small projects in your city - in neighborhoods, business districts, parks, schools or other areas that coould use 
For more information please contact us at